I went to the Greenslopes IGA yesterday to pick up some more LICK ice-cream. I was standing behind two young girls who were picking up the different ice-creams and talking about which one they were going to buy. They spoke about how dairy was bad for them and that of course this one (LICK) was too high in sugar and fat and that the almond milk one was probably the best or the other brand they picked up as both were low in sugar and higher in protein. They ended going for the almond milk one. They looked like they were in their early 20’s, reminded me of what I would have chosen back then.

I always avoided sugar and dairy – god my mum had me on soy and almond milk for years after we saw a nutritionist who said I was lactose intolerant and couldn’t drink dairy. I remember the shitty soy cheese’s mum made me eat as well as the soymilk while my sister and brother chugged back litres of normal full cream milk! I so badly wanted to stop these girls and talk to them about what they were about to put into their body, that they didn’t need to avoid sugar or cut calories – save them from years of yo-yo dieting! I just wanted to tell them its ok to eat real food, to drink milk, eat fruit and eat sugar. Most of the fitness industry frustrates Craig and I.

Only last night I could hear Craig talking to a new online client about how she was struggling to take days off from training – that her whole life she had been taught she must train 6 days per week. Then there is a client of ours in the states who was asking me what sort of witch craft this was? That surely she couldn’t lose body fat and still eat sugar and fruit and only weight train 3 days per week. I sent her Emma Sgourakis – The Nutrition Coach’s blog – Defending Fruit & Non-Complex Carbs and she replied after she had red it – “I feel like I have been lied to my whole life”. We sat with a lady this week that flew up from Melbourne to see us. For the last 18 months she has been doing a high fat diet. She told us how she was tired and feeling depressed and not losing body fat. Her coaches just said must continue on and that they played slightly with her macros and that in time it would work her body must be adapting. And another client who when she first came to see us she had to take so much pre-workout before she trained or she couldn’t’t have an effective workout.

I never take pre-workout, either do our coaches or clients. Actually that’s a lie we all drink coffee that’s about as much of a pre-workout as we have – have you seen some of the ridiculous sets of deadlifts and squats we do! I don’t think anyone can say we don’t train fucking hard. Sometimes I just want to scream – WHEN DID WE STOP LISTENING TO OUR BODIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just yesterday I was having a conversation with a lady that was telling me her biggest struggle is she feels tired all the time. I asked her about her training and she is training 6 days a week! If someone is telling you, that you must train 6 days a week or completely cut out sugar and dairy out of your diet or do heaps of cardio to lose body fat OR they don’t listen to you when you say you are tired all the time, you have constant cravings or you are not sleeping through the night or you have mood swings and that you must power on and ignore them, find someone new to help you.

Its ok to eat real food, its better to eat real food than food full of additives and preservatives – saturated fat in ice-cream is not bad for you either is white sugar in a nutrient rich diet. Here are the 3 labels of the ice-creams I looked at yesterday, check out the ingredients of the other two vs the LICK. I always go for LICK or Haagen Dazs or make my own. You can buy a simple ice-cream maker for about $100. Here is a simple recipe I sometimes make and you can add cocoa to it or fruit or maple syrup and it’s a fraction of the price of store bought ice-cream.


• 1 cup milk
• 2 egg yolks
• 1/2 cup sugar
• 1 cups pouring cream
• 1-2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1. In a medium bowl combine milk, sugar, egg yolks and whisk until all the sugar has dissolved. Stir in the cream and vanilla to taste.
2. Remove the bowl from the freezer, assemble the maker and turn it on. Pour the milk and cream mixture into the freezer bowl.
3. Let the ice cream machine mix until the mixture thickens – this will take about 30-60mins minutes, remove and pop in the freezer.

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