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The Team

Hi, my name is Kitty Blomfield and I’m a Director at NuStrength.

I’m extremely passionate about empowering people through the right nutrition and strength training. For many years I struggled with body image and was your typical over-exerciser and under-eater. My weight would yo-yo, I lacked energy, slept poorly, and suffered from terrible binge eating. I would train 6 days per week for up to 2.5 hours a day and would eat a low calorie and low carb diet. I would always focus on dieting and exercising over eating and training. 

In 2014 I was introduced to the work of Doctor Ray Peat, Emma Sgourakis (The Nutrition Coach), Dodie Anderson and Rob Turner. Their research challenged my entire belief system around what constitutes ‘true health and fitness’. Since then, I have never looked back. I now only train 3 days per week and do very little cardio apart from the occasional walk in the sun. I follow a structured and measured training program and eat to fuel my body. I am the strongest I have ever been, I am in the best shape I have ever been and most importantly I feel the best I have ever felt. In 2015 I competed in my first powerlifting competition and broke the GPC record for deadlifting in the under 75kg weight class. In March 2016 I competed at ProRaw8 and won the female deadlift only competition with a deadlift of 207.5kgs at 71.5kgs body weight.

I honestly believe, if you want to be in the best shape of your life you need to love the process. If you focus on getting stronger in the gym, tracking and measuring your training and nutrition and nourish your body with the right food the physique will look after itself. There is something extremely empowering about being a strong female, let us help you become the healthiest, happiest and strongest version of yourself in and out of the gym.

Hi, my name is Craig McDonald and I’m a Director at NuStrength.

I’m a certified Personal Trainer and Recomp Coach who is passionate about body composition change through structured and measured nutrition and strength-based training. I’m also a Sports Nutrition Specialist certified by the ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition). I love seeing my clients overcome physical barriers that have withheld them from creating the strongest version of themselves. To me, strength training is something that carries across into every day life. When you get stronger in the gym, you get stronger mentally and are more capable to achieve whatever you desire.

Hi, my name is Jake Litzner and I’m a Senior Performance Coach at NuStrength.

I am a fully certified personal trainer who is very passionate about strength training. Being a coach there is nothing more rewarding then seeing someone progress, whether its breaking a personal best or just progressing with an exercise.

I recently competed at GPC States finishing with a 180kg Squat, 102.5kg Bench and a 195kg Deadlift and cant wait to compete again. 

Success is the result of the small things you do repeatedly day in, day out. Long term sustainable results come from consistency over time, we don’t diet and exercise we eat and train! 

Hi, my name is Beau Rutherford and I’m a Performance Coach at NuStrength.

My passion towards Strength & Conditioning is focused toward being different, having a different approach and breaking boundaries, this where you will find yourself with most progression. Sometimes being comfortable in your own skin is what people wish to achieve in life and we’re here to support it and create calculated decisions based on actions and inputs, to achieve this you must be uncomfortable first, as this results in growth and knowledge.
I have a very strong mindset toward nutrition and strength training, we’ve all been there done all the fad diets, yoyo’d in weight and in search of a magic pill.
Strength training for me is therapeutic, the moment I’m under the bar nothing else matters than what is present. Focus enough energy into something and the results will come easy.

Hi, my name is Jo Ravalo and I’m a Performance Coach at NuStrength.

I believe that if we increase our strength, we improve our health and state. I am a 47 year old natural competitive lifter. Heavy weight training using the basic compound lifts have been the foundation of my strength, conditioning, athleticism, youthful energy and body composition. Strength building is the true key to youth and longevity.

National record holder for GPC Bench only competition. 45-49 age group 160kg bench press @ 82.5kg 162.5kg bench press @ 89kg

Best gym lifts. Squat 220kg Deadlift 235kg Bench press 170kg Bench press 155kg AMRAP 5 reps

Hi, my name is Shelley Stark and I’m a Performance Coach at NuStrength.

I have competed in both figure competitions and powerlifting. I currently hold the World Record Deadlift in the 67.5kg Masters 1 category and have for the past two years, now at 150kg.  My best competition deadlift is 157.5kg.

I am passionate about making a difference.  I love what I do, and I love helping others change their life for the better showing them that improved health and well-being leads to greater confidence, emotional stability and physical strength, and of course a longer life.  I believe that by getting stronger physically we also get stronger mentally and are better able to deal with whatever challenges life throws at us.  Strength training is the foundation of this combined with eating to get strong.  Consistency, patience and persistence are vital qualities if you want results.

I’ve had many excuses to just continue with the ordinary, but by realising my goals, and striving to achieve them, I’ve made an ordinary outcome turn into an extraordinary achievement.