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NuGel 700g


NuGel 700g


Collagen Hydrolysate Beef Gelatin
Cold water soluble

This is a premium product. Its light molecular weight means its easily assimilated by the body and won’t cause digestive issues like many protein powders. NuGel is sourced from pasture raised cows to ensure a natural and high quality product. It is unflavoured and is the perfect natural protein to increase athletic performance and achieve a lean body.

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Product Description

  • 96% pure protein
  • < 1g fat
  • < 1g carbs
  • Unique anti-inflammatory amino acid profile
  • Lactose free

Nugel Collagen peptide benefits include:

  • Contributes to a balanced diet and helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Supports healthy inflammation response due to over exercise
  • Helps the liver to detoxify
  • Promotes youthful skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails
  • Can reduce pain and inflammation
  • Restores muscle
  • Promotes strong healthy bones
  • Natural glycine restores sleep quality


  • Add 1-2 Tbls to smoothies, yogurts, milk and freshly squeezed juice
  • Consume 1 Tbls with every 100g of muscle meat
  • Or dissolve straight in water

Client Testimonials

“For a long time I had what seemed like endless amounts of supplements that cost a small fortune and took over my kitchen. I would continually be confused about what supplements did what and how often I had to take them. I always constantly wondered if they actually even made a difference. About four months ago Kitty and Craig introduced me to NuGel. I was a little bit sceptical that one product could replace every single supplement I previously used. I can confidently and honestly say that I continually feel the benefits of using NuGel. I have found that my joints no longer ache and now feel stronger, I sleep better, I am able to focus during the day and no longer feel fatigued through the afternoons, my hair, skin and nails no longer feel brittle and weak or damaged and I can see a decrease in visibility of cellulite. Personally, I have found that I have seen all of the benefits that NuGel lists. I absolutely love this product for its simplicity, affordability and its many amazing benefits.” – Mel Dyer

“I have had ongoing severe IBS issues for years. I had gotten to the stage where I didn’t like to eat as it was depressing how my stomach and digestive system reacted. Nustrength helped me by introducing me to their incredible NuGel product. The results from using NuGel twice a day were nothing short of amazing, my stomach for the first time in nearly a decade was flat without all the embarrassing and annoying IBS symptoms due to Nugel’s anti-inflammatory properties . I love the fact that NuGel is tasteless so you can mix it in with anything, I even put it in my morning coffee. I highly recommend this product to everyone.” – Elizabeth Mair

“When I joined the NuStrength family in April this year I weighed in at a mere 73kg. At 37yrs old, I was slipping into bad habits, working long hours, skipping meals and simply not eating enough good food to sustain my metabolism. At 6’1” I was tall and very lean! So my goal was clear: gain lean muscle mass, bulk up and get fit! For me, working out was the easy part, train hard and lift heavy. My biggest challenge has always been nutrition. To bulk up, I needed to increase my calorie intake in conjunction with training. But how could I maintain a sustainable balanced diet with a mix of “good” calories to fuel my body with what it needs to achieve my goals? Answer? NuGel. NuGel has become an essential part of my diet. I have on average, 5 tablespoons of NuGel daily, dissolved easily in water and added to either pulp free orange juice or home made chocolate milk. NuGel provides the majority of my daily protein needs, and in conjunction with a balanced diet of carbs and “good” fats, it is the only supplement I need. 6 months later and 10kg of lean muscle heavier, I’m fitter and stronger than I was in my early 20’s! I’ve tried lots of mass gainers and protein powders over the years but I’ve never found anything as good as NuGel. The results speak for themselves!” – Tim Kelly

“have been using NuGel for 12months, and won’t use anything else. There are so many products on the market now, but very few of them have everything I look for. This product is 96% Protein; most importantly, as my main goal was fatloss contains less than 1g carbs and less than 1 gram of fat. Resistance training constitutes most of my training so helps with joint pain and inflammation. Also, product is water soluble so mixes well in my cold coffee and milk, post workout shake with water, and I add a tablespoon to my connective meat cooking as well. I like that it has a neutral flavour, and is not too sweet. As a Personal Trainer I recommend this product to my clients. Thanks Nugel.” – Kath Challands, PT, 40, Aspley.

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