Susana Figueiredo – Nutrition Client | NuStrength

Susana Figueiredo – Nutrition Client

Popping the Food Bubble Nutrition Program Feedback

1. Did you have identified problems upon entering the Program?
Cold hands, I always felt cold. I was gaining weight and I couldn’t control it, I didn’t know how to eat properly, I was eating low calories and many hours without eating. I didn’t have very good energy, it would always drop after lunch.

2. Have these problems being resolved since starting the program?
Kitty told me the diet would help with the way I felt but if I wanted to change my body I needed to do strength training. I started weight training 3 days per week for 30mins at a time. I have noticed more muscle, my posture is better and my body is changing, cellulite is less visible. I am no longer cold, my hands are always warm now. My energy has improved its now constant throughout the day. I am now eating an average of 2200 calories per day, I am now starting to lose weight slowly, it took 4mths to begin to see a difference. My hair isn’t falling out as much and my nails are stronger.

3. What were you eating prior to starting the program?
Bread, less sugar than now, my biggest problem was I wasn’t eating regularly and not enough food and I wasn’t eating as much simple sugars as I am now.

4. What are you eating now?
Dairy, milk, meat, cooked vegetables, potatoes, white rice, fruit, OJ, white sugar, butter, coconut oil, carrots, liver, seafood.

5. How long did you spend in calendar time on the Program?
12 weeks.

6. Was the information presented understandable and credible?
Yes, very its very well done, lots of information and its easy to understand.

7. Was your coach for the Program helpful? What grade would you give him/her? (A – F)
Grade A – Yes she was very helpful, you have lots of energy and you inspire me to continue and to experiment with my body, you would answer questions promptly.

8. Is it easy to procure the foods you need and prepare them for the Program you are now using?
Yes its very easy.

9. Have you seen an increase in resting temperature and pulse while on the program?
When I first started it was about 35-36 degrees and it has come up to 37 degrees and my pulse has risen from about 70-75 to 85 bpm.

10. Summarise your experience with the program.
I learned a lot, I knew Ray Peat but this program is very well done and easy to understand and apply to the person.

11. Would you recommend the Program to others?

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