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Steve Sparks – Personal Training Client

I was training at another location for 2 years following a program that included a meal plan of low calories (1300/day). This left me feeling tired most of the time and my results in the gym were more cardio driven.

My wife referred me to NuStrength turns out these guys know how to make the body respond to the right nutrition and weight lifting program. I am eating double the calories, eating the specific food they are advising is best for me and my food interests and lifting weights the right way with the right level of resistance. After only 6 weeks of sessions, twice a week, I put on 3 kilograms of muscle and slightly reduced fat percentage.

It is early days for me with these guys, they know what they are talking about and I plan to stick it out with them given the immediate results they have been able to achieve for me. I highly recommend NuStrength to get you on the right path to achieving your physical goals.

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