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Ruby Finlen – Nutrition Client

I have had a mental war with my body for as long as I can remember and have put my body through quite a lot. Having been on a ketogenic diet for almost 18 months, when my trainer Ben from Irongrind Strength recommended Kitty to me to help me shift the stubborn 4kgs that had been hanging on for the last 3 years, I was intrigued at their ‘out there’ approach to nutrition.

As someone who had been hiding from carbs for such a long time, I was horrified when my first meal plan was full of white potatoes and white table sugar. Kitty instilled a confidence in me that made me want to give it a go, explaining that because of how I’ve treated my body, my metabolism might take awhile to kick in again, but the long term benefits will be worth it – she didn’t sugar coat any thing, ha! Kitty is a very honest and open individual, and in turn creates a very comfortable environment to do so as well.

Unfortunately when I started the program I was heading towards the end of the completion of my Masters thesis, so my training had to hit the back burner quite dramatically. With the support of Kitty and Craig, my mindset has now shifted from constantly thinking about eating for weight loss, as I’ve done the majority of my life, to thinking about eating to nourish my body (and brain). I immediately felt the effects of the change on diet. I felt leaner, stronger, and had a mental clarity. Even with the decline in training from 5 to 2 (if lucky) days a week, half way into the nutrition program I gained 35kg on my deadlift to hit 140kg, and over 25kg on my squat to hit 115kg!

NuStrength has been a significant contributor to my self-loving journey and I am very grateful to have made a new friend in Kitty. I cannot recommend the Nutrition Coaching and the team and NuStrenght more highly.

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