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Rachael Maclennan – Nutrition Client

Popping the Food Bubble Nutrition Program Feedback

1. Did you have identified problems upon entering the Program?
I lost 27kgs in 6 months, doing 3-4 days a week at the gym weight lifting, and doing cardio for one hour 3-4 times per week eating 1200 calories. After losing the weight I upped my calories to about 2500 which consisted of chicken lots of salads and broccoli and eggs. It was high protein, low carb, no sugar and no dairy.

My hair started to fall out, I had no energy and was freezing cold and then I started to have terrible diarrhoea. I thought I had metabolic issues but the doctors assured me after blood tests I was ok. I had to get a colonoscopy as they thought I had bowel cancer and a load of other blood tests and they revealed nothing. They ended up diagnosing me with IBS, sent me home with boxes and boxes of anti-diarrhoea medication and sent me on my way. I started researching and came across the work of Ray Peat. I saw that people with conditions similar to mine had healed themselves eating this way. I Then bought a meal plan from a coach that based their work on the Ray Peat principles but found that the one size fits all approach did not work for me. I had a lot of questions and came across Kitty at NuStrength and the popping the food bubble program.

2. Have these problems being resolved since starting the program?
My hair and eyebrows have grown back, my skin feels softer and smoother, I have more energy, I sleep better sleep and I feel a lot happier. I can come home now and I have enough energy to actually do things, I would come home before and have to lay on the couch. Kitty helped me work through my diarrhoea issues, when I first started milk would give me severe diarrhoea, now with the help of Kitty we have gradually been able to work it back in and now I can drink 3 cups a day with no issues.

3. What were you eating prior to starting the program?
Lean meats, salad, green vegetables, nuts, protein powder, eggs, green smoothies

4. What are you eating now?
Eggs, OJ, milk, oysters, liver, fruit, cheese, gelatinous meats, gelatin, bone broths

5. How long did you spend in calendar time on the Program?
12 weeks

6. Was the information presented understandable and credible?
Yes, absolutely and I like the fact I can go back and read it anytime and reference it.

7. Was your coach for the Program helpful? What grade would you give him/her? (A – F)
Fantastic, A++++++ she was amazing, super friendly and if I ever needed any help or had questions she would always answer immediately, she is passionate about what she does and genuinely wants to see people get better.

8. Is it easy to procure the foods you need and prepare them for the Program you are now using?
Yes absolutely

9. Have you seen an increase in resting temperature and pulse while on the program?
Up and down, but it has gone
Pulse 49 to 69
Temp 34.6 to nearly 37
I use to now to self-monitor

10. Summarise your experience with the program.
I found it extremely interesting and you can see how the principles affect you. I know that when I eat oysters they bring my temperature up. It has been so useful I can take the information and use it forever.

I felt it has given me skills to know what to eat and how to listen to my body. I now know if I have any dramas I know what to do to fix them. I couldn’t get this from a meal plan.

11. Would you recommend the Program to others?
Absolutely and I have.

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