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Natalia Szablewska – Group PT Client

1. What was the reason you joined the NuStrength Group Training Program?

I was looking for a programme that would enable me to get involved in physical exercise that I enjoy doing and I would be offered professional support/guidance while doing it.

2. What were you eating prior to starting the program?

I have not changed my diet much, except increasing my intake of protein.

3. What are you eating now?

I am a vegetarian and I eat eggs, milk (even though not a huge fan) but I like Greek style yogurt and make sure now that I don’t skip my plant-based protein powder for breakfast.

4. Is it easy to procure the foods you need and prepare them for the Nutrition part of the program?

Yes, I eat mainly organic, natural and raw and I don’t find it particularly difficult to source that kind of food in Australia. But, as I travel overseas for work a lot, when I’m abroad sourcing food I want is sometimes trickier/not as easy.

5. What performance increases have you seen since starting the program?

I can lift/push and pull much more than before, that for sure!

6. What body composition changes have you seen in the time you were on the program?

Increase in the body weight, predominately due to gaining more lean muscle and losing some fat.

7. How many calories were you eating per day while on the program?

I am not very good with counting calories, but when I did the counting on a few occasions, it was on average 2,000 (but it would differ from day to day – anything from 1,800 to 2,000+). I have never restricted my calories intake and I eat according to how my body feels at that particular moment, thus increasing calories for the sake of it is just not something I can do, but I understand the downsides of it / impact on my performance. But, given that my goal is to enjoy the exercise, I am not overly concern about it.

8. Were your coach/s for the Program helpful? What grade would you give them? (A – F)

‘A’ for sure! All of the coaches have been extremely helpful and always willing to correct my posture or offer suggestions to improve my posture / recovery post-workout. It is also beneficial to have different coaches as they all have a different approach, which allows to find a ‘way’ that works best for you and also shows different ‘perspectives’ on the same matter.

9. Is the online training App easy to use?

Yes, I have not experienced any difficulties and I find it easy to navigate.

10. Summarise your experience with the training and nutrition program.

I have very much enjoyed the programme and I hope to be able to continue when I’m back to Australia. I came across the programme on an FB advert and after reviewing the website (no silly or unrealistic promises!), I decided to give it a try and I love it! For some people yoga or running give that state of ‘nirvana’; for me it is weight lifting (even despite Jake’s choice of music :-P). I very much enjoy the process, with other health benefits being an added bonus. Thus, I’m not the easiest of customers as I don’t have any particular target or goal I’m working towards – for me the very exercise is the reason why I’m doing it. That said, I have experienced some changes in my physique, which I won’t be denying, I’m enjoying (hello glutes!!!). I have always been an active person and my weight has never been issue for me, but my health in the last few years has not been quite where I would like it to be. With changes in my life, the training programme has allowed me to focus on things that are important for me and feel better overall.

I don’t require one-two-one and I don’t like coordinated group exercises, thus the programme works well for me: the classes are small enough for me to have that required interaction with the coaches to correct me and show me the best and safest way of doing the exercises, but it gives me also my space to ‘enjoy’ doing exercises in my own pace and according to my abilities on the day.

The atmosphere is also very friendly and the environment supportive. I feel that I’m treated like an ‘individual’ rather than a number and only as good as the kilos I lose! (or whatever the other fitness places consider to be ‘success’).

My major difficulty is that I live only part of the week in Brisbane (and the other part on the Gold Coast), and also the fact that the gym is closed on Sundays, makes it for me a bit tricky sometimes to participate. Thus, I cannot wait till you guys open on the Gold Coast! ☺

11. Would you recommend the Program to others?


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