Morgan Blake – Contest Preparation Client | NuStrength

Morgan Blake – Contest Preparation Client

All my buddies on Facebook have been super nice to me about recent bodybuilding stuff, so I thought I would give credit to the amazing team at NuStrength who helped me get it done!
I was referred to NuStrength by a friend who was getting ready for her first competition. I wanted to compete for the first time, but had no idea where to start. I was eating very little calories (1200 a day) and thought my training was intense enough. They increased my calories, showed me how to lift correctly and how to train to achieve the body composition I was after!

I am now sitting at 9% body fat and eating 3100 calories a day; I’m 13 weeks out from my second competition.

The team at NuStrength were amazing from the word go; they gave me all the support I needed, and really believed in me! The team there treats me like family, and I recommend them to anyone I can!!

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