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Matt Petersen – Nutrition Client

I lived with general tiredness, poor sleep quality, and severe heartburn and reflux. It was so severe I use to take daily medication. I tried eliminating anything spicy as well as sauces nothing worked. On the recommendation of my coach, I went and saw Kitty and Craig at NuStrength. They did my measurements and skinfolds and kitty explained how everything worked and why she prescribes what she does. You want me to drink 2litres of milk a day, eat sugar, eat honey, and drink OJ??

ANNDD you want me to stop eating green vegetables and anything with lots of fibre- are they crazy?? It sounded crazy to me and went against everything I thought I knew about healthy eating. However, with an open mind I stepped into the unknown and put my 100% trust in to Kitty and Craig.

I had terrible sleep issues, I was getting 3-5 hours a night. My heartburn and reflux (I don’t drink alcohol either) was so severe I was on medication and one visit away from an endoscopy. Within a week of being on my new nutrition program I had so much energy and for the first time in years I slept through the night.

Then the greatest thing ever happened. I had my first 24 hours without reflux or heartburn. I couldn’t believe it I was so happy. Now, a year later I am in the best shape physically and mentally. I have so much energy, my sleep has improved dramatically, I now get 7-9 hours per night. The best news is my reflux and heartburn is completely gone. I now only get it if I eat the way I used to and it just reminds me why I don’t.

This is all backed up by a full health check with my doctor. Full blood work and urine was completed. My Red and white blood cell count was spot on, thyroid spot on, cholesterol spot on, blood glucose levels spot on, ecg results showed my heart to be one of the best the doctor had seen. He actually said to me I am one of the healthiest people he has ever seen. Please get educated and don’t be a sheep and follow the herd, just because everyone else does it doesn’t mean you should too. I have come along way in a year

First picture me April 2015 117kgs
Second picture me April 2016 118kgs

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