Maria Disco – Online Training & Nutrition Client | NuStrength

Maria Disco – Online Training & Nutrition Client

Thank you so much Craig and Kitty for giving me a whole new perspective on training and my diet.

I no longer have the sugar cravings I used to have on my chicken, broccoli and sweet potato diet or feel bloated and heavy. I love the convenience of training 3 days per week with no cardio, instead of the 5 days I used to train.

In 12 weeks my body shape has changed. My stomach which is where I feel I hold most of my weight, is the flattest it has ever been and overall my body has toned up. Seeing the results has motivated me so much more to continue with your program, which I now think of more like a lifestyle. I find the training program so empowering! When I walk up to the bar and squat 85kg or deadlift 100kg (which is almost double my body weight) I feel so strong and proud of the progression I have made in such a small amount of time. I no longer strive to be ‘skinny’ but strong. I definitely have a much more positive self image and relationship with food and exercise. Your passion and enthusiasm is contagious and I look forward to continuing my journey with you at Nu-Strength.

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