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Lucy Wakler – Nutrition Client

Popping the Food Bubble Nutrition Program Feedback

1. Did you have identified problems upon entering the Program?
I was always hungry and was on really low calories and not getting a result, I couldn’t lose weight.
I had low energy, I was tired all the time, I always thought about food, once a week I would have a cheat meal and I had to have it I looked forward to it all week. I would plan the meal all week and I would be devastated if I didn’t make the right choice. My moods were very up and down, I had trouble concentrating and I would look forward to eating because I was hungry not because of the taste. I always used to get headaches.

I would feel really guilty about eating certain food’s, allergies and bloating were really bad. I was training 6-7 days per week, weight training and cardio. I was eating 1500 calories, 50% of my calories were coming from protein. I did an Ashy Bines challenge, were I was prescribed 1500 calories a day two workouts a day consisting of an hours walk and HITT/weights.

2. Have these problems being resolved since starting the program?
Kitty asked me to cut back my training, I am also an online training client with them. I am now only weight training 4 days per week, I am eating 2100 calories and I don’t have a cheat meal anymore I don’t feel like I need one. My energy is much better and my mum even commented saying I don’t sound as stressed anymore, my moods are more stable, internally I am more stable. I don’t get headaches anymore and my allergies are much better, I rarely get bloated.

3. What were you eating prior to starting the program?
Oats, peanut butter, spinach, chicken, light rye toast, sweet potato, protein powder, green vegetables, kangaroo sausage’s, tuna, soy milk and pre-workout.

4. What are you eating now?
Milk flavored with a little sugar and cocoa, NuGel, potatoes, ice-cream, fruit, butter, coconut oil, sour dough, Greek yoghurt, honey, pulp free OJ, chicken, pork, white rice, eggs

5. How long did you spend in calendar time on the Program?
12 weeks

6. Was the information presented understandable and credible?
Yes, very. I guess I was sceptical but it is hard to argue with and I just feel so much better now.

7. Was your coach for the Program helpful? What grade would you give him/her? (A – F)
Yes very and very understanding of my anxiety of putting on weight, I would give her an A+ Achieving well above the standard. I liked it I could text you and you would reply immediately and you understood where I was coming form even though you are so fare ahead in your journey.
You were firm but supportive.

8. Is it easy to procure the foods you need and prepare them for the Program you are now using?
Yes I still have to meal prep and be organised, it’s not as expensive.

9. Have you seen an increase in resting temperature and pulse while on the program?
I don’t think my temperature and pulse were too bad but it has gotten better.

10. Summarise your experience with the program.
It was really hard at the start as I had to shift my thinking and it takes persistence, the food is easy to eat but mentally I had to get my mind around it, trust the process and Kitty. I now look forward to every meal I eat now. I was so scared of putting on weight that I couldn’t lose again. Now I am focusing on changing body composition and have become an and online training and nutrition client with Kitty and Craig.

11. Would you recommend the Program to others?
Yes but only if they are willing to let go of old beliefs, it’s the best thing ever, it makes complete sense and I feel so much better and I love how much food I get to eat and the fact I am going to get to eat even more.

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