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Loretta Sargent – Nutrition Client

I came to see Kitty a year after competing in a double season of natural figure competitions. Although my prep had gone very successfully, in the aftermath of my ‘dial out’ I was left feeling chronically lethargic and suffering from severe PMS symptoms that I had not previously experienced. I was also sleeping sporadically, and my digestion was pretty terrible. My composition had also begun to push to a body fat percentage I felt was marginally higher than I would prefer to maintain. In spite of this, I desperately wanted to avoid going into much of a calorie deficit after how much my body had endured the year before.  A colleague of mine had achieved outstanding composition results after a long struggle with metabolic damage, so I was very curious to see what the NuStrength approach was all about.

After speaking with Kitty and processing some information I had not previously been aware of, I was excited to begin my meal plan. The selection of food was delicious, catered specifically to my preferences, and I immediately felt better with a consistent calorie surplus (2600 + a day for a small woman is a LOT.) I also found that with the combination of foods, I could now tolerate dairy well for the first time in years!
Over the course of the 12 week program, I have seen a significant improvement in my energy levels, physical PMS symptoms and sleep patterns. My strength in the gym and much better digestion are even more notable.

The most curious element of all is what has occurred in my composition. According to my skinfolds, my body fat percentage and measurements have not changed a great deal, yet I look quite different! The slight increase of weight on the scale indicates I have gained a couple of kilos of muscle – and it seems to be clearly visible. My muscle bellies always look full and round, and I seem to be able to see more definition through my abdominal region and legs, which is awesome seeing as I technically haven’t gotten any leaner!

In summary, I couldn’t be more appreciative to Kitty and Craig for helping me with this eating plan. Every day, I enjoy ridiculously large amounts of great tasting food such as potato, cheese, fruit, chocolate milk and a variety of different meats and seafood. I feel a really overwhelming sense of wellbeing – physically and mentally, and have gained a new understanding of what my body actually needs and responds to.
I am so happy with the way I look, and as a fitness professional, so grateful to be able to refer my clients and friends to a system that enriches and educates them.

My clients have also seen excellent results, and are feeling inspired and well-fueled enough to train with more tenacity. I love hearing them talk to eachother and myself with excitement about their food and bodies, rather than the harmful ‘good VS evil’ approach toward ‘dieting’ that the fitness industry has been unashamedly peddling for years. Thankyou so much NuStrength for the invaluable help you have given me, and for the breath of fresh air and common sense you are bringing back to the fitness community!

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