Laura Doherty – Group PT Client | NuStrength

Laura Doherty – Group PT Client

How long you have been training with NuStrength?
3 months, although everyone makes you feel like you have been there forever JLegends!

Tell us a little about yourself
I am 32, from Ireland and I have been here almost 6 years. All of my family live in Ireland, the UK or Boston, and so I don’t get to see them very often. I work in Construction and have been doing a long commute to Coolangatta from Wynnum West for the past 4 months to work. It has been absolutely exhausting, but I have now secured a job in the Valley, so I am very excited about the change that’s going to bring to my energy levels – and the impact that will have on my training.

What is something that was holding you back or causing you issues?
What wasn’t?? Personal issues, Mindset issues, work issues – you name it, I struggled with it. I went from one gym to the next trying to build a relationship with PTs with little to no success. At times, it made you question whether or not there was something wrong with your own personality. When the personal touch wasn’t there, everything else was pointless. I had no drive to go. I hated Cardio – always did, and alternatives were never offered. I was always sooo keen to do it, but it was never a nice experience, and so I failed time and again!

I dieted as I am sure everyone here has done too. It went great week 1; week 2 saw a treat here and there; week 3 had an occasion that blew out a full day. By week 4 you are knee deep in Nandos and Max Brenner and going to bed convinced you are going to “start again on Monday”… The cravings always beat me! I have never been consistent with it, nor found anything I wanted to be consistent with; not because I didn’t want it; I just never found something to fit who I was. Weight Watchers in 2010 saw me lose 12kg, only to put it all on again by 2014.

What did you change or implement to overcome this/these issues?
Only one thing really changed… I joined Nustrength. I stepped into Nustrength in September with the very same enthusiasm that I had done with 20 gyms before. I was going to do it this time; it was going to be a new me! *repeat to fade*. I sat with Kitty and even in that initial consult; I knew it was all so different. I left with the biggest grin on my face and full of excitement. I hadn’t met anyone so passionate before, so happy, and soo excited about how this was going to change MY life, not hers. And hell, was she right! I am the best version of myself to date. I am currently down 4.9% BF and up 900g Muscle. SO FAR! I LOVE the weight training programs and I eat the foods I always loved eating – Ice Cream every night? Yes Please!! I have personal issues like everyone else and have good and bad days, but walking into Nustrength 4 times a week is just the best. I’m only starting my journey – I am still playing with kiddy weights (Jake haha), learning form, and accepting constructive criticism – but I cannot wait to see where I am in 12 months-time with this awesome Team. You have to crawl before you can walk – ‘cause we don’t run here haha! I go to the Mindset Seminars, the Nutrition Seminars and any workshops on offer. Why would I not lap up all the knowledge that I can from these amazing people who give their time and energy to help me succeed?

What was the result?
I am happier, healthier and stronger than I have been in my whole life. Roll on 2017; it’s going to be the best yetJ!

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