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Kristian Samuels – Contest Preparation Client

Coming from a fitness background I have always enjoyed training. I met the NuStrength team around 6 months ago, they challenged my beliefs around training and nutrition and made me see a different view of an industry that I thought I was extremely knowledgeable within.
Kitty, Craig & co. not only helped me out with my training but the big change came with the focus on what was going on inside my body.

I thought I knew how to eat healthy but most people don’t understand what the body can achieve when you give it exactly what it needs. From the first 4 weeks I felt a difference, my energy levels increased and my body started changing. I started to put on muscle and drop body fat. By the end of my competition prep I looked in the best shape I have been in my life. Dropping 7kgs from my starting weight I ended up stronger, bigger, fitter and healthier with more muscle and less fat than ever before.

If you are an intermediate or professional everyone can do with a coach that programmes specifically to your needs, the NuStrength team are up there with the best. On that note I would like to say a big thank you. Nustrength have gained a long-term customer and I’m looking forward to seeding what I can achieve with the team in the future.

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