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Kathrin Bradley – Group PT Client

How long have you been training with NuStrength?
I joined the NuStrength family in May and have been training, 3 days a week. I rarely miss a session and I feel like shit when I do.

Tell us a little about yourself
Ok, the usual blurb…I’m 41 have been with my hubby since we were 13 and 15, now married for 23 years. We have 4 amazing kids who are 22, 21, 19 & 15. We have 2 beautiful granddaughters who are 18 weeks & 8 weeks old. 2016 was a pretty exciting year with some massive changes. I’ve never done anything exciting like going overseas but I have had lots of excitement with my large family to keep me busy. Being young still means I can go travelling and share the experience with my kids now. I’ve had my share of ups and downs in life like the rest of the world but when it comes to my family I wouldn’t change a thing. Being a mum has been the best thing in my life.

What is something that was holding you back or causing you issues?
I felt like I never had the time for me, one day just rolled into the next, I was stuck in the rinse, wash, repeat cycle. I didn’t pay any attention to what I was eating, most days it was nothing at all. I got pretty sick and ended up taking 14 months off work and going on a heap of medication, that’s where the weight gains started. I am Bipolar, it took me 3 months when I hit rock bottom just to get out of bed. I take 12 different pills just to function in a day, most of which have a side effect of weight gain. I wasn’t sleeping, have ridiculously heavy periods and a bad heart, just generally a body that doesn’t want to play nice. The main thing that was holding me back though was me, you can know all the right things that you should be doing but actually putting them into practice is the hard thing.

What did you change or implement to overcome this/these issues?
At the beginning of the year I started using Mindfulness, meditation and hypnosis to help with my negative thoughts, nightmares and general wellbeing of my head. It started me on the path of wanting something more for myself, to be a better me. It was really good timing to find NuStrength on Facebook right when I knew I needed to start fixing my body along with my head. I spoke to Kitty on the phone and was instantly attracted to her drive and enthusiasm. I have to admit though that I was also attracted to the cost. To pay so little for 3 guided sessions and nutrition, I thought that I was hearing wrong! I signed up and went to my introduction, man what an intro it was. So different to anything that I thought I knew about eating right and exercising. It took me a little while to trust in the choices that NuStrength believe in and to implement them, it was a total change in mindset. All the things that we are told to cut out of our ‘diet’ as soon as we want to lose weight I was now being told to eat. Potato’s, eat them! Milk, drink it! Again, I was thinking these people are crazy! Instead of cutting calories they were increased, repeatedly. At the same time though, so were my weights. I unfortunately missed out on the recent strength test day but by the first one that was only a few months after I had started I did Bench 70kg, Squat 125kg and deadlift 137.5kg. I have never eaten so much and lifted so heavy in my life. I never thought that either would ever be possible. Since starting with NuStrength I have been able to reduce my medication, I’ve come off sleeping pills altogether and cut the mood stabilisers right down. this wouldn’t have been possible without the support and confidence that the NuStrength family provides, I’ve never had someone tell me so much how proud they are of me and how much of a beautiful person I am or how much I am loved as what Kitty does.

What was the result- For something different this question is going to be answered by my daughter, Ehlana.
Um Hi? I am Kathrin’s 21 year old Daughter Ehlana, that 8 week old granddaughter that she mentioned earlier is mine and I will be starting at NuStrength myself as of next week. I’m not sure why mum would like me to answer this question for her but I think it’s because hearing someone else’s view point is always easier than self-reflection, or maybe she’s just curious to read what I have to say. What has the result been for my mum? If I put aside the overall improvement of her mentality and mindfulness because of her meditation and hypnosis and just focus on the results with in her due to NuStrength than all I can say are positives. She doesn’t come to me upset because of what the scales say like she used to (in fact the only time she even steps on a scale is when she is with Kitty), instead she comes to me boasting about how strong she feels and DAMN is she STRONG! She has changed from someone who generally only focused on the negativity in her own body and head to someone who now, to put it plainly seems proud of who they are. She inspires all of us every day to get up and be the better, healthier, happier versions of ourselves that she knows we can be. Like I said, I will be starting at NuStrength as of next week and in part it has to do with Kitty and Craig and their view points and idealisms of exercise and nutrition but mainly it’s because I want to grow up to be like my mummy 😉 I want to gain the confidence, self-respect and self-love that she has gained. I want to be proud of myself and lets all be honest here… I wanna be hella strong like her too!

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