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Karen Baltrusch – Group PT Client

Tell us a little about yourself
I run my own hairdressing salon from home and spend a couple of days a week at another salon for extra inspiration and social interaction (the income is a bonus!). All up it equals full time work with some handy flexibility. I have 2 children, 7 and 14 years old, and my hubby works some pretty crazy hours. I love doing cosmetic renovations on our home and am keen to expand these skills and pretty up a daggy old house and reap some rewards $$. I grew up by the beach and love a good day trip to the coast. I’m quite partial to kicking my heels up to good music with friends 😀

What is something that was holding you back or causing you issues?
I love the way I feel after exercise, and I enjoyed a variety of training, but I just couldn’t maintain the results (physique) I had achieved after an intense 12 week challenge 6 years ago, so I felt frustrated and would jump on just about any diet or exercise bandwagon to see if it’d help me get there again. Sometimes I’d succeed, but it was always difficult to maintain longterm. A couple of injuries were interfering with my ability to exercise at times which was very annoying. I had some annoying and sometimes concerning digestive issues such as the usual bloating/gas, and occasionally mucous in stools. My energy levels were waning and I was relying on coffee a LOT! My menstrual cycle had taken a turn for the worse a couple of years ago and shortly about a year after that I started experiencing very low moods and sometimes depression just before a period (luckily that got sorted out very simply via homeopathy). Sleep has been crappy for years, mostly due to “RSI” in my arms and hands, but Jim is currently fixing that – YAY!!

What did you change or implement to overcome this/these issues?
My beliefs around nutrition have always been flexible, and I was prepared to trust the knowledge of the NuStrength crew. For the last four years I was all for the low/no sugar way of life, and I was sure it had improved certain digestive and skin issues, but there were always anomalies that would irritate and bewilder me. I can see now that it was all the PUFAs from the large amount of “bird food” I was eating, along with lots of tuna and sometimes salmon. Following the meal plan has shown me that I CAN tolerate lactose, that sugar is not my enemy, and that I don’t actually need coffee for energy, it’s just a great vehicle for getting plenty of Nugel in! I knew the Progest-E would help me as I’d had good results with a progesterone cream previously, but I love how I don’t need a prescription for it anymore! I decided at the start that skipping sessions is just not an option for me. I listen to my body and postpone the session if necessary, but I’m here for results (and fun and connection!), so I always make sure I get every session in. I get to any of the extra seminars offered when I can – these are invaluable!

What was the result?
I have almost doubled my calorie intake, and all round I feel better. Each menstrual cycle has been SO.MUCH.BETTER than before. If I’m consistent with taking Progest-E and my meal planning, I don’t even wanna kill anyone right before my period!.. WINNING! The quality of my sleep has improved, and will only get better once Jim has finished his physio magic on me. My digestion has improved dramatically, I’m stronger, I’m happy with the changes in my physique, and I feel so satisfied with the foods I eat now (FRUIT! CHEESE! JUICE! REAL ICE CREAM!). I have developed a real appreciation for strength training and an admiration for those that commit to it as their training journey. I have let go of whatever picture I held to be an ‘ideal physique’, and am embracing the way my body responds to each program. I’ve found a place that feels like home, and my gratitude for that can’t be exaggerated. Thanks NuStrength!! xxxx

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