Joy Allen – Group PT Client | NuStrength

Joy Allen – Group PT Client

How long you have been training with NuStrength:
3 months.

Tell us a little about yourself
I work fulltime, I have 2 beautiful adult children, I recently moved to Australia to be closer to my first grandchild and I have a wonderful partner who loves me for who I am and supports me in all I do, while blessed with all of this I was very unhappy in myself.
What is something that was holding you back or causing you issues?
I was one of those gym junkies, consistently going to classes no matter what condition my body was in (I have the onset of osteoarthritis in my knee) some days barely able to walk when I got out of bed, eating around 1300 calories, with the worst mindset ever ☹

What did you change or implement to overcome this/these issues?
My good friend Jacqui told me about the NuStrength trial, I was very ready for a change and embraced the opportunity with an open mind. I have let go of old beliefs around nutrition, that has been huge for me. I have attended all the seminars: nutrition, training and mindset offered to educate myself and am working hard on implementing the positive self talks.

What was the result?
I have not had any type of pain or ache in my knee since starting my training at NuStrength and have not had to take the anti inflammatory’s prescribed by the doctor! NuStrength is just what I needed physically and mentally. My results to date have been positive. With the new type of training and education around nutrition I have received since being a member has been awesome, and I am grateful to everyone helping me achieve my goals ☺

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