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Helena Howell – Nutrition Client

Popping the Food Bubble Nutrition Program Feedback

1. What was the primary benefit of doing the Program for you?
I undertook the Program with no real aims other than to try something different as ‘food’ was starting to consume my life and it was doing my head in. Every day was a battle of wills as to whether I was eating “good’ or ‘bad’ food knowing that I really shouldn’t be eating that (Insert picture of Dairy and more than 8 blueberries) and I should be eating this (Insert protein, small amount of rice and green fucking vegetables) Each day would rate as a Fail against my eating plan (which is fucking depressing as I was trying to get leaner) and every night I would ready myself to be better tomorrow and not eat “bad” food that wasn’t on the plan. The whole time this was going on I had little energy, crappy sleep patterns, massive slumps at 3pm and I was just sick and tired of spending so much time thinking about food and not even getting to enjoy it and not fucking getting lean!!. I always thought that if you just forced yourself to endure a diet long enough it would become a “LIFESTYLE” What a crock of shit!! Feeling like a failure day after day finally led me to chuck in the towel, eat what I wanted, put on weight and end up smashing the lolly jar at work every afternoon at 3pm.

I don’t know how, but I ended up at Nustrength one day, talking to Kitty, and to be honest I think it was the chocolate milk that sucked me in.. Anywho go forward maybe 15 weeks now… and my sleep is much better, I have truckloads more energy (probably because I don’t waste so much energy battling over food choices) I love what I eat and I find it satisfies me physically and mentally (if that makes sense).. I know it sounds wanky but I have no desire to attack the lolly jar at 3pm.. at all.. and I don’t even have to use willpower!! I have also put 12.5 kgs on my deadlift with minimal training..go figure.. Until now I never really experienced how eating food could make you feel great..not that smug feeling you get by eating a kale salad and thinking you’re healthy..but truly physically and mentally great. I’m not as lean as I’d like but unlike before I don’t give a shit because I have the emotional strength to be patient… I’m getting stronger, I’m finding the energy to schedule more training into my life (I have two kids, work full time and a husband that works away) and I know that I’ll get there. My pulses and temps are getting better week in week out, the kids are getting on board, shopping is easy, hours of food prep can get fucked and I can’t even imagine doing anything differently. Even liver.. when I’m not vomiting a little in my mouth I actually love it!! Fuck having a LIFESTYLE!! just drink some chocolate milk and lift some heavy stuff.. BOOM! Kitty and Craig should charge for that advice.. Oh wait??

2. Would you recommend the Program to others?

3. Was the information presented understandable and credible?
YES.. I’m a science nerd and love reading and re-reading the notes

4. Was your coach for the Program helpful? What grade would you give him/her? (A – F)
YES.. Kitty is knowledgeable, passionate and above all, sincere.. You can’t fake that shit!!

5. Is it easy to procure the foods you need and prepare them for the Program you are now using?
YES .. Food Prep Schmood Prep!!

6. Did you have identified problems upon entering the Program, and were they changed?
Just my brain and my sleep and sore teeth and being a moody cow

7. Summarise your experience with the program.
Too Late..see above..

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