Evette Smith – Nutrition Client | NuStrength

Evette Smith – Nutrition Client

Feel amazing, be educated, maintain sustainability and chocolate milk were the words that stuck out for me when I first spoke with Kitty about helping me with my nutrition.  She was completely honest from the start and told me that if I was looking for a quick fix then she would not be able to help me.  She was all about getting results for her clients that could be sustained for a lifetime – not a quick fix and see you later as some of the “12 week programs” in my past have offered me.

When I met Kitty I had just purchased a business and was working crazy hours and I was not eating properly let alone making time to exercise or train.  My body was telling me that I had to start looking after it or it would start failing me.  After 10 short weeks I feel amazing!  I consistently work 14hour days 6 days per week and I have more energy than I have ever had before.  It’s kinda crazy!! I know I have started to repair my metabolism.  My digestion is better, I am regular and my periods have gone from being insanely heavy and extremely uncomfortable to something that now happens every month on the dot with no fuss.  I love the convenience of everything that my plan has to offer.  Kitty was right this is not a quick fix but because of the results I have achieved so far it has made it a whole lot easier to now be a new way of life for me.

I am looking forward to the next chapter of the journey where I am now going to work with Kitty on my strength training.  Now that my nutrition is being taken care of I am looking forward to building muscle and getting stronger again.  Kitty always makes me feel like I am her only client even though I am aware that I am one of many.  She is always there to guide me, celebrate my wins with me and help me through my challenges.  Kitty was right, this was not a quick fix and it does take time but she has helped me realise that I need to invest in myself before I am able to invest in others.

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