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Emma Karanges – Group PT Client

When I started with NuStrength I suffered from binge eating and was training six days per week. I lacked energy, I felt and looked ‘puffy’, I had little motivation to train, and felt unhappy in general.

I now train in the group training program and only train three days per week. I eat a variety of delicious foods including milk, fruit, honey, and orange juice, and have so much more energy! I don’t suffer from binge eating anymore, my sleep has improved, I’m motivated to train, and for the first time in ages I can honestly say that I love my body. When I first started the program I was eating 1400 calories a day and now I am maintaining my weight at 2000+ calories per day.

12 months ago my lifts were this:
Squat: 85kgs
Bench: 40kgs
Deadlift: 90kgs

At the last strength test my lifts were this:
Squat: 102.5kgs
Bench: 55kgs
Deadlift: 125kgs

My body composition has gone from this:
Weight: 61.7kgs
Lean mass: 45.5kgs
Fat mass: 16.2kgs
Body fat: 26.2%

To this:
Weight: 62.7kgs
Lean mass: 48.5kgs
Fat mass: 14.2kgs
Body fat: 22.6%

I am the strongest I have ever been physically and mentally, and above all, I feel amazing inside and out.

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