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Darina Halamek – Group PT Client

Over 7 months now

I come from the Czech Republic. It is not in Africa as some Aussies think ☺ I am married to a Czech truck driver. All our family members are back in the Czech Republic so it is just me and my husband here. I have lived in Australia for over 6 years now and I work for a law firm, doing property law mainly. I love spending time with my hubby as the time is very precious due to his work. I love travelling, scuba diving, recreational fishing, animals and discovering all the beauties of our world.

Hmm where do I start… I have always been very strict with whatever I was doing. The start of my battle with my body started when I was about 15 yo, when I was 16 I weighted an unbelievable 99kg – leading to 100kg. I have no idea how I managed to get there but I did. One day I realised that’s not how I want to be. My older brother’s friends (I was attracted to them of course) used to visit our home and I was so embarrassed about me being so fat. I knew they looked at me with disgust. That’s when I realised I needed to do something. So I started to play with food, reduced the food intake rapidly and after 8 months I lost about 42kgs. I felt so good when my brother’s friends looked at me and said “OMG well done, You look gorgeous!” They however did not know how I managed to lose so much weight.
All that dieting led to mental anorexia. I was excellent in hiding it! I am sure I do not have to explain how I felt in reality…I looked happy on the outside but my inside was rotten and ready for suicide. My hair fell out, my nails were weak and thin, my eye sight worsened, no menstrual cycle, I was tired and just dead inside… Then I met my husband who had no idea what I was going through at that time, then later he realised there must have been something wrong. He begged me to get better and eat as he wanted a healthy girlfriend. So I made that promise and gained weight of course. The weight gain led to another eating disorder and it continued. Then one day I realised that it is not the way I would like to be… I am sure I tried all diets in the world including extreme cleanses like lemon water with cayenne pepper for 7 days, no solid food just the spicy water, and other stupid ones I found on the internet. So for the last 10 years I had been dieting and it is impossible to stick to low calorie diets with 20g of carbs a day, limited fat and high protein. You just feel crappy after a few days but I coped with it as I thought it was the way to go. I added exercise 6 days a week including cardio. I used to be a crossfit freak and loved any kind of exercise where I could reach the end of my tether. It did not go anywhere really and I was lost as my weight loss just stopped. I did not know what to do with my food, so I carb cycled (from zero carbs to a day where there was 300g of carbs) – no change again. Only felt like shit, depressed and tired.

One day, the facebook add about 28-day trial at NuStrength popped out. I thought I could give it a go and I met with Kitty. She was jacked AF and said she was eating some 2800 kcal at that time! I could not believe her. We had a really good chat and whatever I was told I tried as I was desperate, really. Even though I thought her way of eating was crazy I tried it. I was so scared of gaining weight – you know – eating butter, fruit and dairy products. Anyway, I trusted her for some reason ☺

Well, the 28 days passed and I felt so good! First week was so hard.. I was so full, I even felt nauseous from being so full but that was only my damn mind who told me to feel that way. Anyway, after the 28 days I could honestly say that I haven’t felt better for the last 14 years or so and I dropped some fat % and gained muscles. I continued…
The result is: I am a happy person now (even my family noticed), I don’t mind being ‘bigger’ than my skinny friends who eat unhealthy meals every day and never get fat (bitches anyway haha) but they cannot lift 120kgs on a bar and I can! Migraines disappeared, my nails are so strong, regular menstrual cycle with no PMS, my hair feel healthier, I don’t get freezing cold hands and feet, I sleep well, I have energy and good digestion – just overall happiness. LIFE IS FINALLY GOOD! I am accepting my body as it is now with a goal in mind but I know it will take some time to get there and you know what – I don’t mind. I realised, not long ago actually, that I made some serious damage and it will just take time to get there but I am convinced that I will get there with my will. I accepted the nutrition as a part of my life now and it can be done long-term and that’s what I am going to do. I will never return to my old beliefs and acts. So thank you, NuStrength Crew, for being there for us and helping us… Hats off to you guys and all the other people that signed up and remained for longer than the 28 days!!!

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