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Carmel Involeta – Nutrition Client

Popping the Food Bubble Nutrition Program Feedback

1. Did you have identified problems upon entering the Program?
I had severe digestive issues, I could not drink milk, OJ, anything really, there was so many things I couldn’t have I would just get diarrhoea and lots of gas. I was living off chicken, lettuce, tomato and that’s it! I was lucky if I was eating 1000 calories a day and I was training 6 days a week and I wasn’t dropping fat. My sleep was terrible and I was running on adrenalin all the time. When I stopped I crashed and that was when I got sick.

2. Have these problems being resolved since starting the program?
I can now eat just about all foods, I am drinking 2L of milk a day without issues where as before it gave me severe diarrhoea and headaches, I drink OJ now without issues as well as a range of other foods. I am now eating 2000 calories and I have put on 3kgs but all my clothes are still fitting me perfectly so that indicates to me I have put on muscle. Kitty asked me to cut my training back I am now doing 4 days of weight training and have cut out all cardio apart from a Zumba class I teach one day a week. My sleep has improved so much.

3. What were you eating prior to starting the program?
Chicken, lettuce, tomato, rice, broccoli, potato

4. What are you eating now?
Milk, gelatin, bone broth, carrots, eggs, OJ, fruit, cheese, fruit, meat, ice-cream, small amount of white sugar, mushrooms, zucchini, potato’s, butter, coconut oil, liver

5. How long did you spend in calendar time on the Program?
12 weeks and now I am an online training and nutrition client

6. Was the information presented understandable and credible?

7. Was your coach for the Program helpful? What grade would you give him/her? (A – F)
She was excellent, A – she always replied quickly and in detail and answered all my questions

8. Is it easy to procure the foods you need and prepare them for the Program you are now using?

9. Have you seen an increase in resting temperature and pulse while on the program?
I was about 35.9 and now I am 36.4 upon waking and pulse it dropped from 110 to 85 – I was running on adrenalin all the time.

10. Summarise your experience with the program.
I am a new person, I am 48 now and I will do this program forever as it’s easy, you don’t have to buy a whole heap of extra stuff. I feel so much better and improving every day.

11. Would you recommend the Program to others?
Yes my sister and daughter are both clients of NuStrength, I have been trying to recommend it to people here.

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