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“Whether you are a success or failure in life has little to do with your circumstances; it has much more to do with your choices” Nido Qubein

I was chatting our friend and coach Nat Hodges earlier this week. Nat will do seminars for us from time to time on Mindset, owns a gym called Campvs and is a facilitator for Nxt Level which is all about self mastery. We were discussing a client and he said “Kitty you are a truth based gym, very great energy level….some people are still so terrified of their own truth”

Everyone who comes into the gym and sits with me at the initial seminar shares with the group why they joined and what their goals are. I then ask them how important is it that they reach these goals? What have they lost by not doing this and what will you lose if they don’t do this and continue on the path they are on? Then I ask them how important is it that they reach these goals 1. is no important at all, 10 is very important, everyone says 10 some even say 11!

There seems to be a pattern of choices people make that result in them either changing the path they are on and becoming the person they want to be become or continuing on as they are.

1. People that reach their goals
Choose to take responsibility for their nutrition by reading all the documentation in the website, watching all the videos, learning how to flexible diet or at least make better more nutritious food choices consistently
Chose to have a go at doing a plan based on what they have read and get feedback – now it doesn’t need to be perfect but they have a go
Choose to come to the free seminars and educate themselves on nutrition, mindset and training so they have the knowledge to reach their goals
Choose not make excuses
Choose to take ownership when they fuck up, learn from it and move forward
Choose to come to training consistently – obviously things will come up from time to time, but they are 90% consistent with their training
Choose to let go of old beliefs around nutrition and training and try something new – what is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result…..

2. People that don’t reach their goals
Choose not take responsibility for their nutrition, its just all to hard!
Choose not to take the time to educate themselves further by reading the material in the website and having a go at doing a mock meal plan or at least just choosing meals from the suggested meal ideas and being consistent
Choose not to attend any of the free seminars, which will only further educate them so they can reach their goals
Choose not to take ownership when they fuck up, its someone else’s fault, I’m too busy to make different choices around food and training
Choose to consistently still drink alcohol when its stopping them from reaching their goals
Choose not to come to training consistently
Choose to hold onto old beliefs that are no longer serving them
Choses to make excuses – I’m to busy to do any food prep, my partner is making it hard to make good food choices, I’m too busy at work to make a change

Now some of you are going to read this and think; what ever she doesn’t know what its like to be in my shoes, she doesn’t have kids, she doesn’t know what its like to be busy, get offended and continue to be a victim and let their excuses get in the way of moving from where they are now to where they want to be. What I hope happens is you take this on board, take control of your own destiny and start making choices that will enable you to get to where you so desperately want to be! I will always help those that are willing to help themselves; but it starts and ends with you.

When I met Craig (my partner in life and business) I was working in mining, doing FIFO, working away from home and doing 7 night shifts every 2 weeks. I hated it, I was miserable, I focussed on the negatives and I blamed Craig for being there as we had just invested a shitload of money into the business, Craig was working there full time and I thought I needed to stay in mining so we could live. What it really was is that I felt I needed to maintain a standard of living I had gotten used to, dinners out, buying clothes, going on holiday’s when I wanted to, things that I could no longer to if I gave up the job…….all materialistic shit that didn’t make me happy, it was just a distraction from a job I hated and I life that wasn’t fulfilling me.

Total victim mentality! I wanted to do what he was doing but didn’t have the guts to actually quit and make it happen myself so I made him miserable instead…I look back now and feel disgusted with how I behaved! One day I was talking to my dad in their kitchen and he said; “Kitty why don’t you just quit, put everything you have into the business, if anyone can make it work you can. When you have one foot in one camp and one in the other you always have a way out, you are never really committed to making it a success”. So that is what I did, I also apologised to Craig and started to take responsibility for my own happiness, took action and made better choices……Thanks Dad ☺

The only person standing in the way of where you are now and where you want to be is YOU!

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