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Cutting through the confusion in the fitness industry & what you should actually be focusing on to get into shape

Every day I see loads of different people write about loads of different tactics when it coms to weight loss or fat loss. I can imagine it must be so confusing, I know it used to be confusing for me! 1. Do HIIT its better than steady state cardio – I don’t do any cardio apart from walking my dog, either do most of our clients. 2. You need to do cardio for fat loss – Now we don’t say to our clients don’t do any cardio if you want to go for a walk or play with the kids […]

Are you training to be the strongest version of yourself?

Each week we run induction seminars for new people joining our Group training program. We start by asking them why they are here? What they hope to achieve and what they have done in the past to try and achieve these things. 95% of females that come to us want to lose weight, look toned and feel better (have more energy, better sleep etc) 95% of them all give the same answer when we ask them what them what they have done in the past to achieve this: 6-12 week challenges (which consist of the below) OR Low calorie diets […]

So you think weight training will make you look bulky?

“I don’t want to get big and bulky. I just want to tone the muscle I already have.” This is something I would hear at least twice a week. Our Group PT is all strength based training, so when I sit with females and we set goals, 90% of them say “Kitty I want to lose fat and tone up, are you sure the weights wont make me look bulky” Looking toned is simply having muscle with less fat covering it. The more muscle you have, with less fat covering it, the more “toned’ you will look. Most women go […]

Eat more carbohydrates to speed up your metabolism

You look in the mirror and you hate the body that is staring back at you. Too many weekends of over indulging and your favourite skirt or dress is now feeling very tight and you have an unsightly muffin top. Its ok you tell yourself this is the last time you are going to eat chocolate and ice-cream, just one more donut and on Monday you will go back to chicken and broccoli, drop your calories and carbs right back and hit the gym 6 days a week. Next week will be different, you will be strict with your diet […]

What it really takes to make your muscles grow…..

A forever ongoing and age old discussion about the “Optimal” way to make it happen. Everyone has an opinion, every week, flex magazine or fitness personality will release a “new” and outrageous way of packing on serious muscle in record breaking time. Now I must stress from the outset that your genetic disposition does play a part – You know those people who have amazing calf development without ever having done a calf workout in their life or just have naturally full and thick muscular frame – they do exist but by all means DO NOT let this hold […]

NuStrength’s Guide to Building a Booty

Ok…So now we have the attention of the females…And some blokes. A great set of glutes in a pair of tight pants is a head turner – no doubt about it, women look and stare either with appreciation or envy while blokes stumble into stationed objects…Either way it gets a reaction. So, what does it take to build a solid pair of buns??? 1) Donkey Kickbacks? 2) Hill sprints? 3) Body weight squats…Or bodyweight anything? 4) The stair master? ***DRUM ROLL*** Answer: None of the above is going to build you a big booty. Time and time again I see […]

The Fitness Industry has been lying to you

A few nights ago I was on the couch doing some work with the television on in the background. Something caught my attention that instantly frustrated me. The show was ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ and during this particular episode the two groups had to put together a fitness DVD. The team who could generate the most sales from their DVD were named the winners. During the show, the all-female group discussed what type of fitness routine they could put together. One team-member suggested a crazy dancing, full body movement thing – I actually couldn’t even really tell you what it was. […]

Green vegetables, are they really a superfood??

Now I’m probably going to piss few people off with blog post as I am about to question one of the most widely promoted health recommendations in Australia… eat more green vegetables. Up until a few years ago, pretty much for as long as I can remember I have eaten plates and plates of green vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach, Brussel sprouts and cauliflower. I felt I had to eat them at every meal, I put them in my smoothies and felt bad if I didn’t eat them. I thought I loved the taste, but when I look back I […]

The truth about sugar and fructose!

Fructose and sugar have been a part of the human diet for many thousands of years and are found in the highest concentrations in fruits. For a long time I excluded fruit and honey from my diet. Like most people I thought sugar and fructose caused fatty liver disease, excess weight gain and increased appetite. Most people would know of Endocrinologist Robert Lustig, Dr Lustig became famous through his efforts to establish that fructose can have serious effects on human health if consumed in too large amounts. In 2009, he delivered a lecture called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” which was posted on YouTube, […]

Supplements…Save your hard earned money

Have you tried every supplement under the sun? Do you take more and more supplements trying to find the holy grail of health?? Lets talk about why you can’t get everything you need from a pill and save your money. Vitamins and minerals were not meant to be isolated but to be eaten as part of a whole food. The body is a complex machine, when it is performing a task it requires a combination of nutrients, which are in balance, not one nutrient alone. For example when your body is building bone it needs calcium, vitamin K2, vitamin D, […]