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I went to the Greenslopes IGA yesterday to pick up some more LICK ice-cream. I was standing behind two young girls who were picking up the different ice-creams and talking about which one they were going to buy. They spoke about how dairy was bad for them and that of course this one (LICK) was too high in sugar and fat and that the almond milk one was probably the best or the other brand they picked up as both were low in sugar and higher in protein. They ended going for the almond milk one. They looked like they […]

Cutting through the confusion in the fitness industry & what you should actually be focusing on to get into shape

Every day I see loads of different people write about loads of different tactics when it coms to weight loss or fat loss. I can imagine it must be so confusing, I know it used to be confusing for me! 1. Do HIIT its better than steady state cardio – I don’t do any cardio apart from walking my dog, either do most of our clients. 2. You need to do cardio for fat loss – Now we don’t say to our clients don’t do any cardio if you want to go for a walk or play with the kids […]

Don’t quit sugar

Let’s discuss the most controversial substance of the past decade, and no it’s not cocaine although it might as well be! At the rate we are demonising sugar within the next few years I’m quite sure it will be viewed as a narcotic and you will be a convicted felon if found carrying anything other than a sugar-free drink. We once thought the world was flat, so could it be possible that sugar is not solely to blame for the obesity epidemic?? While obesity has steadily increased over the last 20 years, sugar consumption has actually declined. In Australia over […]

Are you training to be the strongest version of yourself?

Each week we run induction seminars for new people joining our Group training program. We start by asking them why they are here? What they hope to achieve and what they have done in the past to try and achieve these things. 95% of females that come to us want to lose weight, look toned and feel better (have more energy, better sleep etc) 95% of them all give the same answer when we ask them what them what they have done in the past to achieve this: 6-12 week challenges (which consist of the below) OR Low calorie diets […]

Interview with Kate Deering

1. For those that don’t know you, can you please tell us who you are and what you do? My name is Kate Deering and I live in sunny San Diego California where I work as Personal trainer, Z-Health Practitioner and Nutritional Coach. Along with my training and coaching I am a writer and public speaker focusing primarily on “How to Heal Your Metabolism”, which happens to also be the name of my first book. I’m also a writer of many blog posts on and Kate Deering Fitness on Facebook. My goal is to help guide people on their […]

Identify Your Emotional Eating Triggers

Identify Your Emotional Eating Triggers Do you find yourself reaching for the lolly jar or the biscuit barrel every time something goes wrong? It could be a bad day at work? Or the kids are stressing you out? Or maybe you are bored? It’s ok you think, this will make me feel better…….. Years of experience has taught me that if I’m craving sugary foods, think ice-cream, lollies, chocolate, cookies, cakes, etc, (note: I eat good quality icecream and chocolate daily) it’s for one of two reasons: 1) I haven’t been eating enough calories or carbohydrates. Most women cut calories […]

Calories and hormones

Many people come to us wanting to lose weight, when instead they should be focusing on fat loss. Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing. Simply cutting calories and doing more exercise may result in weight loss, but what are you actually losing? The quick fix fitness industry model of “eat less and exercise more” often results in you losing muscle as quickly as fat. According to Obesity Australia 63% of the adult population is overweight or obese, with 28% obese! Over the past 30 years there has been a threefold increase in the overweight and obese. […]


For many years I avoided milk and instead consumed soy, almond and oat milk thinking I was choosing the healthy option. When I ask females if they drink milk they all tell me they have cut milk out of their diet because the fitness industry has convinced them it’s high in sugar, it causes inflammation and will make them fat. The funny thing is humans have been drinking milk for the last 50,000 years, why all of a sudden has it been demonised?? Dairy, especially milk is easily digested, contains quality protein, sugars, saturated fats, vitamins, minerals and calcium. It’s […]

DONT QUIT SUGAR from our friend at CowsEatGrass

It’s time for a sugar revolution. It’s time for all people around the world today, who are sick and tired of witnessing the mistreatment of sugar, to stand up, once and for all, and tell the truth. No more sugar lies. If you’re dissatisfied and you’ve had enough of the many ways fruit sugar (sucrose) is misrepresented; if you’re ready to speak out, ready to defend the undefended, here are some of sugar’s best-kept secrets. Sugar helps to promote thyroid function>> When thyroid metabolism is suppressed, energy systems are interfered with, and the performance of the whole organism is slowed. […]

Eat more carbohydrates to speed up your metabolism

You look in the mirror and you hate the body that is staring back at you. Too many weekends of over indulging and your favourite skirt or dress is now feeling very tight and you have an unsightly muffin top. Its ok you tell yourself this is the last time you are going to eat chocolate and ice-cream, just one more donut and on Monday you will go back to chicken and broccoli, drop your calories and carbs right back and hit the gym 6 days a week. Next week will be different, you will be strict with your diet […]