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Interview with Kate Deering

1. For those that don’t know you, can you please tell us who you are and what you do? My name is Kate Deering and I live in sunny San Diego California where I work as Personal trainer, Z-Health Practitioner and Nutritional Coach. Along with my training and coaching I am a writer and public speaker focusing primarily on “How to Heal Your Metabolism”, which happens to also be the name of my first book. I’m also a writer of many blog posts on and Kate Deering Fitness on Facebook. My goal is to help guide people on their […]

Identify Your Emotional Eating Triggers

Identify Your Emotional Eating Triggers Do you find yourself reaching for the lolly jar or the biscuit barrel every time something goes wrong? It could be a bad day at work? Or the kids are stressing you out? Or maybe you are bored? It’s ok you think, this will make me feel better…….. Years of experience has taught me that if I’m craving sugary foods, think ice-cream, lollies, chocolate, cookies, cakes, etc, (note: I eat good quality icecream and chocolate daily) it’s for one of two reasons: 1) I haven’t been eating enough calories or carbohydrates. Most women cut calories […]


I try and read a book each night before bed not a whole book LOL but as much as I can before passing out! Last night I was reading John C Maxwells The 15 Invaluable laws of growth. I am up to a Chapter 5. The Law of Consistency. I got to the end of the chapter and thought how relevant to growing in life but also to changing body composition. Number 1: START WITH THE SIMPLE STUFF “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to greater achievements gained slowly over time” When it comes to your training, break […]