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Don’t quit sugar

Let’s discuss the most controversial substance of the past decade, and no it’s not cocaine although it might as well be! At the rate we are demonising sugar within the next few years I’m quite sure it will be viewed as a narcotic and you will be a convicted felon if found carrying anything other than a sugar-free drink. We once thought the world was flat, so could it be possible that sugar is not solely to blame for the obesity epidemic?? While obesity has steadily increased over the last 20 years, sugar consumption has actually declined. In Australia over […]

Are you training to be the strongest version of yourself?

Each week we run induction seminars for new people joining our Group training program. We start by asking them why they are here? What they hope to achieve and what they have done in the past to try and achieve these things. 95% of females that come to us want to lose weight, look toned and feel better (have more energy, better sleep etc) 95% of them all give the same answer when we ask them what them what they have done in the past to achieve this: 6-12 week challenges (which consist of the below) OR Low calorie diets […]


“Whether you are a success or failure in life has little to do with your circumstances; it has much more to do with your choices” Nido Qubein I was chatting our friend and coach Nat Hodges earlier this week. Nat will do seminars for us from time to time on Mindset, owns a gym called Campvs and is a facilitator for Nxt Level which is all about self mastery. We were discussing a client and he said “Kitty you are a truth based gym, very great energy level….some people are still so terrified of their own truth” Everyone who comes […]